821. Some muggleborns and halfbloods realize that it’s not Hogwarts that’s the problem, but the fact that the devices they want to use run on electricity and batteries, or “Muggle magic”. They work on a way to replace the electric batteries in all their favorite devices with different types of magic batteries. They do the same with wifi modems, effectively bringing Hogwarts into the 21st century.

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Emilias Birthday at Peppa Pig World

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One of the many reasons I love Alfie, he stands up for what is right.

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@Zozeebo: Only 6 days until #ZoellaBeauty Launch night & no dress! 

@tyleroakley : @ZozeeBo WAIT WHAT SHOULD I WEAR


Reflecting & Tyler Arrives

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I don’t have any “valuables”…

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What happened to you?

— Tell me, Merlin, do you know how to walk on your knees?
— No.
— Would you like me to help you?

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For two long years, I saw nothing but darkness. Patience and I are old friends.

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dc comics in 1 pic


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